Why choose a transportable home over a traditional home

Transportable homes are a great alternative to traditional homes because you can save time, save money and it's easy to transport home to difficult to service locations.

Save Time

Our transportable homes are usually built off-site which allows us to tightly follow our projected timelines. Being constructed off-site means the build is unlikely to be affected by bad weather, whereas traditional, on-site builds can be extended by weeks, if not months, by bad weather conditions. Not only are transportable homes delivered within the expected timeframe, but also matches what we quoted, no hidden costs!

Save money

As mentioned earlier, traditional on-site builds can be affected by bad weather. This increases the time frame, but often the cost increases too! Traditional on-site builds often exceed original quotes due to unexpected and unquoted issues occurring on site. When you deal with CNH Transportable Homes, we provide you a quote and we stick with it so there are no hidden costs.

Easily service difficult locations

If you live in a regional area, you may find that traditional on-site builds become much more expensive due to workers needing to travel, delivery of supplies and many other hidden costs.

On the contrast, if you want to build in a busy urban area, you’re likely to deal with limited worker’s parking and noisy construction, which could result in unhappy neighbours. Transportable homes are a great solution because most construction happens off-site and then we easily transport our building to your desire locations.

Selection of homes Customise plans Upfront pricing Build in 12 weeks Modern design Quality materials Transported to your location

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CNH Transportable Homes construct and design superior quality demountable, transportable and prefabricated homes, cabins and offices. 

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